Searenity Holiday Accommodation

Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island

Searenity Holiday Home Floor Plan
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Powder Room
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Bedroom 1
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Bedroom 3
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Bedroom 2
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Living Area
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Outdoor deck with sweeping sea view 
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Carport/BBQ Area
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Landscaped Bird Attracting Garden 
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Surrounding Area
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Searenity Kangaroo Island Holiday Accommodation

1 Hawthorn Ave, Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island,SOUTH AUSTRALIA 5223

Phone: +61 (08) 8553 5116 - Mobile: 0414 833 924

Searenity Holiday Accommodation Logo

Kangaroo Island

Holiday Accommodation

Searenity Holiday Home, Kangaroo Island

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Interactive Floor Plan

Click on each "click here to view" link to see a photographic layout of each room and or surrounding area.

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